Fabio Tamagno

product engineer; leader; human.

Ending roles in ascending order

Skipping: WearIT #1, Omnys #2

END. Clothing

Product Engineer
Joined as the fifth developer.
Now a billion dollar company.


Engineering Manager
I recruited and onboarded
a senior engineering team.
We fought to make things better.


Head of Product Engineering
I wrote the first line of product code
and managed product and people since.
We had an explosive Series A.

#01 The Work

Being engaged with high intensity work for many consecutive years through several startups, I reached an uncommon degree of mastery in a multitude of subjects. At the same time, I am told I gain respect and personal confidence not just by sheer expertise, but because it is shockingly easy to trust me.
With these efforts, I am a protagonist in bringing companies from empty handed to tens and hundreds of millions in valuation.
I operate at the highest level of engineering, from pre-seed to Series B, writing the first line of code, signing off the hundredth hire.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

#02 The Tech

I'm not just a fast learner like everyone else: I'm keeping myself ahead of the curve. I used to be one of those whiz kids who started coding at 8, before the Internet was common. I was doing senior work from the first day of my one internship. I quickly grew into roles for higher technical expertise, normally holding more responsibilities than implied.
Confident in my ability with software development, I focused on becoming a better tech person.
Understanding the various kinds of people who are in tech, as well as team dynamics, has been my top priority from the moment I started working commercially. Not without some burns, I've come to appreciate and best empower all of my peers. Nobody should be left alone.
& k8s

#03 The Person

I am confident enough that I don't need to sugarcoat my personality, while properly managing my mental health to keep being a high achiever. I'm colorful, playful, plagued with incoherence between vanity and self-depreciation.
I'm generally accepted as a positive energiser. People want me in the conversation whenever possible. I love events with teams, and I will be the first to prepare these for everyone to have some fun.
My core value of transparency goes all the way to showing fragility. If I feel sad and can't perform too well that day, I will tell my team, not a problem. And they can do so as well, and be protected.
- Fabio
To know me better,
here's some books that shaped me recently.
Tribal Leadership by Logan Dave, eye-opening research of how people behave and influence each other in large teams.
A Seat at the Table by Mark Shwartz, unraveling the problems unique to software engineers in executive management.
Ask Your Developer by Jeff Lawson, this is the book you give to non-technical management who seem out of touch.